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Hi, I'm Doug Knappenberger, Owner of Roots to Resin Cannabis Solutions

I'm a cannabis professional with over 5 years of experience,  working with commercial grows with up to 125,000 sq.ft. of canopy space, both indoor and outdoor, and with soil and hydroponic mediums. From developing custom standard operating procedures (SOPs) to selecting strains for the highest quality and yield, Roots to Resin offers a myriad of solutions for your commercial cannabis business.

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The way that soil can affect root health, many aspects of your facility's environment can affect overall growth and yield. With Roots to Resin, you'll get a full-scope assessment to help you stay a cut above the rest. From cultivation site analysis to development of a full suite of  SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) , Roots to Resin aims to maximize your investment with proven methods.

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Tissue Culture Propagation
Tissue Culture Propagation

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Automated Drip Irrigation
Automated Drip Irrigation

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Indoor Harvest
Indoor Harvest

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Tissue Culture Propagation
Tissue Culture Propagation

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I had the experience of working with Doug on several initiatives for a vertically integrated cannabis brand in Ohio. He was very professional and displayed an extensive knowledge of cannabis propagation methods from both seed and clone. With Doug’s help we were able to achieve a propagation success rate of 98.5% while successfully backing up and organizing the genetics from a 400 plant batch of Sour Diesel used for phenotype selection. I was impressed by Doug’s results and would recommend his services without hesitation.

Dr. Mohammed Karim

Partner and Co-Founder, Sante Botanica,

The Clean Clone Company

As an extractor who has worked with Doug for years I can confidently state that he is a highly skilled cultivator who's passion for growing exceptional cannabis translates into a consistent and high quality end product whether that be flower or resin for concentrate production. As an extractor the quality and quantity of extractable resin is much more important than the total yield of biomass. Doug is one of the few cultivators I've worked with that's been able to adapt and provide my team with the purposefully selected strains and exceptionally grown cannabis needed to achieve the superior quality extracts we desire. Doug is a pleasure to work with professionally, and a wealth of knowledge in the field of commercial horticulture.

Jonathan Knauer

Extraction Consultant/Owner at TMH Consulting LLC


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