Cultivation Site Analysis

At Roots to Resin, we understand that every facility has different needs, considering both compliance with local regulations, as well as any challenges unique to the cultivation facilities. Our Cultivation Site Assessment seeks to establish baselines and understand how your facility works in order to identify any potential limiting factors and determine how best to mitigate future pitfalls. This visit is followed up by a comprehensive written report detailing the assessment findings.

Video Call Consultations

As a wave of legalization sweeps across the United States, it has become essential for cannabis cultivation leaders to ensure they're providing high-quality product to patients and recreational consumers. Discuss any goals, challenges, and opportunities you may have regarding your cultivation site during a free 30 minute video consultation.

Plant Nutrition and Feeding Schedules

Cannabis requires 13 essential minerals in order to thrive. The right quantities and proportions of these minerals must be present in a plant’s root zone in order for optimum growth to occur. Roots to Resin offers customizable nutrition plans to ensure that your plants are consistently receiving the right balance of nutrients at the right time in their growth cycles.

Integrated Pest Management Programs

IPM (integrated pest management) is the practice of long-term prevention and suppression of pests. Roots to Resin works with clients to develop detailed IPM plans that are sustainable, effective, and environmentally responsible. Our consultants offer an in-depth knowledge of common cannabis pests, as well as real world experience with the best practices for elimination. Our IPM plans combine the use of preventative practices, beneficial insect populations, and organic pesticide applications to prevent any pest or pathogen from gaining a foothold in your facility.

Perpetual Harvest Schedules

Roots to Resin offers customizable perpetual harvest schedules for commercial growers of any size, ensuring that once a crop has been harvested, a new batch of mature vegetative plants is ready to take its place. Through this method, we aim to maximize output while minimizing down time between flower cycles.

On-Site Cultivator Training

Roots to Resin offers on-site cultivation staff training for expanding and established businesses. Our comprehensive training programs utilize written instruction and on-the-job training, as well as testing to confirm demonstration of measurable skills and knowledge acquired. Roots to Resin provides documentation, along with signed statements from staff members indicating the date, time, place of training, and the focus of the training.

Automation & Controlled Environments

Automation is becoming a more common practice at cultivation sites because of its ability to save time, provide valuable real-time data, create a consistent environment for plants to thrive, and eliminate room for human error. Roots to Resin is prepared to provide customized automation systems for your cultivation site, giving you control over your crop.

Scalable Crop Production Plans

Roots to Resin can help you scale up production sustainably, whether propagating from seed, clone, or tissue culture. Having executed the planning and production of crops consisting of up to 4000 plants, Roots to Resin is prepared to manage the scaling of everything from boutique grows to large cannabis cultivation facilities.

SOP Development

Roots to Resin can develop a comprehensive suite of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your cultivation site. Our SOPs are tailored to meet your business needs while incorporating best practices that have been proven through implementation in existing cannabis markets, providing your cultivation facility with the tools to increase efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. SOP Development includes a step-by-step guide for each procedure and the development of customized operations manuals that fit your specific business.

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